Travel Alert Program

Can’t decide which deal is good? Spending too much time on the internet to score the perfect deal for your vacation?

Let Travelfillment help you!

We can find the right deal for you when you enroll in our Travel Alert Program.

How this works:

  1. Simply provide us with your travel plans.
  2. We will send you a savings alert when your fare drops (see table below).
  3. Once you’ve been alerted, make a decision quickly before the deal is gone!


Type of Trip Savings Alert (See Note 1): Service Fee Purchase Alert
Cruise (NYC Departure) $50 or more Always Free!
Cruise (Other Departure) $50 or more $20

Type of Trip

$50 or more $50
$25 or more per night
(2 nights minimum)


  1. “Savings” is defined as the difference between the latest price and the initial search price.
  2. For fixed travel dates, we will track the price up to 2 months before travel begins.
  3. For flexible travel dates, we will track the price for a maximum of one year.


  • you decide to book the trip from the alert, then you can use the deposit towards your trip.
  • you change your mind and do not book the trip after you are alerted of the deal, you will lose your full deposit.
  • there is no deal available within the time period agreed upon, then you can renew the alert for another trip in the future.
  • For Flight+Hotel Only: If for any reason you miss the deal, then you will lose 75% of your deposit.
  • Your first alert is FREE. Contact Us for your free trial. Get 5 more alerts, get one FREE!


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    Travelfillment keeps an eye out for you so you can save time and money for your next vacation!