Top 10 Reasons to Cruise from New York City

  1. Great Deal. Enjoy the value of unlimited food and excellent entertainment. One price includes your port-to-port transportation plus accommodation and all the amenities you will need.
  2. Vacation Starts Right Away. Departing from New York allows you to start your vacation immediately; plus there’s no airport experience to deal with.
  3. Lots To Do. Exciting activities that you can enjoy while cruising include:  live music, bingo, dance and culinary lessons, casino, art auction, duty-free shopping, clubbing, swimming, spa treatment, relaxing, gym/sports activities and much more. Whatever you choose to do, you will never get bored.
  4. Hit Multiple Cities During Vacation. Use this opportunity to visit lots of different places during the trip. If you enjoy a certain city, you can always fly back there during another vacation!  
  5. “Fine Dining” Every Day. Choose from dining in restaurant style with up to 5 courses of food, eating at gourmet buffet or ordering room service (at no extra cost).
  6. Pre-planned Itinerary. Visit destinations without the need to book different hotels or transportation. Cruise lines offer shore excursions (a.k.a. land tours).
  7. Be Entertained Every Night. Enjoy fabulous Broadway-style shows and Variety shows. Laugh or sing along from your seat or get a chance to participate in the Newlyweds Game!
  8. You Will Not Be Bothered. Keep your vacation a vacation! No cell phone service at sea but you can stay connected with a satellite phone or use the Internet on board.
  9. Create Friendship. It’s easy to make friends and hang out with them on the cruise. Stay in touch with them and plan future cruises together. You never know who you will meet.
  10. Pack It Your Way. Pack as much as you want because you only need to unpack once. Don’t forget your sunscreen!
  11. Cruising is fun! It’s your vacation. You deserve it!

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