Cruise FAQs

Q: What’s included in the cruise price?
Your cruise fare includes: accommodations, destinations, dining, entertainment and services. 

Q: What’s not included?
The cruise price does not include: air fare, alcoholic beverages & some non-alcoholic beverages, gratuities, some dining options, shore excursions, photography, spa treatments & salon services, specialty exercise classes, laundry, email, casino, Internet, ship-to-shore phone and your onboard shopping.

Q: What activities can you do on a cruise aside from eating?
: Live music, bingo, dance and culinary lessons, casino, art auction, duty-free shopping, clubbing, swimming, spa treatment, relaxing, gym/sports activities and much more.

Q: What necessary travel documents do you need to bring prior to departing for your cruise?
: You are required to present a valid passport – it must not expire 6 months before the completion of your travel and the ship boarding pass after checking-in online via the cruise line’s website. It is recommended that you also bring your medical insurance card and your travel insurance policy, if purchased.

Q: How is the check-in process?
: The embarkation process is relatively simple:

  • At all times, have your passport and ship boarding pass with you.
  • After going through the security checkpoint, you will hand your luggages (except carry-ons) off to porters at the pier. Make sure you put your room number on your luggage tags.
  • Line up to receive your cruise ship ID card. Have the credit card that you plan to use to charge your onboard expenses available for the port official to process.
  • After a port official verifies your data, you will be given your cruise ship ID card and any last minute notices (itinerary changes, first-time cruiser information, etc.).
  • As you proceed to the cruise ship, you will be asked to insert your ship ID card into a small kiosk as you stand in a designated spot. A camera records your image and imprints it onto your ship ID card, identifying you as the individual associated with that card.
  • Finally, proceed onto the cruise ship and start enjoying your cruise experience!

Q: Should I still go on a cruise even I get seasickness easily?
: If you are concerned about getting seasick, it is recommended that you cruise on a large vessel for your first cruise experience. These modern vessels have stabilizers that are designed to minimize motion on the ship.

Q: I’ve got other questions. Where can I get more information?
: Simply write to or contact us through our contact form. Every new question will help us build a better FAQ section.